How to interpret the Polaris astrology chart.

1. Focus on the Stars in the Main Palace

The main palace is the palace of intention. For example, if you want to find out the fortunes of your wealth, locate the Wealth Palace on the chart and it will be the main palace. If you want to find out the fortunes of your career, you Career palace will be the main palace.

2. Locate the Opposite Palace

The Opposite Palace is six steps to the right or left of the main palace. If the main palace is the Wealth palace, then the Opposite Palace is the Pleasure palace. If the Main palace is the Career palace, thch the Opposite palace is the Spouse palace. Next Draw a straight line from the Main palace to the Opposite palace.

Opposite of Carreer Palace
1 Career (Main) 1 2
2 Opposite Palace2 3
3 4
4 5 Spouse (Opposite) 6 5
Opposite of Wealth Palace
Wealth (Main) 1 2 3
1 Opposite Palace4 4
2 5
3 4 5 Pleasure (Opposite) 6

3. Locate the Companion Palaces

There are two Companion palaces. The first Companion palace is four steps to the left of the Main palace. The second is four steps to the right of the Main palace. For the Wealth palace, the two Companion palaces are Career palace and Life palace. For the Spouse palace, the companion palaces are Pleasure palace and Journey palace. Next, draw three straight lines connecting the Main palace and the two companion palaces so that is would form a triangle.

Companion Palaces of Spouse Palace
5 Career (Opposite) 6 5 Journey (Companion) 4
Pleasure (Companion) 4 Companion Palace 3
3 2
2 1 Spouse (Main) 1
Companion Palaces of Wealth Palace
Wealth (Main) 1 2 3
1 Companion Palace Life (Companion) 4
2 5
3 Career (Companion) 4 5 Pleasure (Opposite) 6

4. Locate the Adjacent Palaces

Adjacent palaces are the two palaces next to the main palace. Thus, the main palace is in between the two adjacent palaces. The the two adjacent palaces of the Wealth Palace are the Children Palace and the Health Palace. The two adjacent palaces of Spouse Palace are Sibling Palace and Children Palace.

Adjacent Palaces of Spouse Palace
  Companion Palace  
  Children (Adjacent)
    Sibling (Adjacent) Spouse (Main)
Adjacent Palaces of Wealth Palace
  Companion Palace  
  Children (Adjacent) Wealth (Main) Health (Adjacent)

5. Analyzing the Stars

First, analyze the stars in the Main and Opposite palaces. Stars in the Main and Opposite palaces are the most influential. Second, analyze the stars in the two companion palaces. Start in companion palaces are less influential but still important. If there were no main stars in the main palace , or in any palaces, borrow (use) the main stars from its opposite palace.

6. Star Class

There are two type of classification methods, modern method and traditional method. In my opinion, whichever method you use is not important. What is important is the understanding of each star and its combination with other stars in different palaces. This website uses the modern method.

Modern classification divides stars in to five classes, from class one, the most influential to class five the least influential.

Traditional classification divides starts in to six groups which are: 14 Main stars, 6 Auspicious stars, 4 Inauspicious stars, 4 To stars, Current stars and Other stars.

7. Star strength

The strength of a star is different at different palaces and are indicated by Prosperous, Productive, Flat, Idle, and Trap. Prosperous, and Productive have positive affects, Flat has no affects, Idle and Trap have negative affects.